Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Benefits of doing Higher studies abroad after completing a Bachelor in HM from India

After completing a degree in hotel management in India, a student has a wide variety of opportunities to pursue a post graduate degree like MBA or Masters or aCulinary- Bakery specialisation course overseas other than just taking up a job in India. The reason being, even though the Indian hospitality industry is a booming industry the work culture, the pay and the long hours discourage young hoteliers. This is not so in the hospitality industry overseas.
The main advantage point one needs to remember about studying hotel management overseas is that:
  • ·         It is a booming, ever growing industry.
  • ·      After you have completed your course abroad through us you get a post study work option with most countries. 
  • ·         You can earn while you are studying and gain work experience in the hospitality industry
  • ·         Most countries Chefs are considered to be in the skill shortage and have greater work and settlement opportunities
  • ·         The education will give you a broader prospect to life and the hospitality industry and will increase your value in the job market
  • ·         The pay is good and much more than what you get in India and work culture is very good.
  • ·         Hands on experience will be gained as a part of the program (Internship).
  • ·         Jobs opportunities in various fields within the industry as well as outside the industry.
  • ·         It brings out the various talents from within an individual both business and artistic.
  • ·          You will have the opportunity to be in a multi-cultural environment and meet clients from different parts of the world as well as work with people from different backgrounds.
So if you have the taste for the good life, want to earn handsomely and be driving 4 wheels instead of 2 wheels within a month of starting a full time job, contact me for making this happen at info@global-hospitality.net

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